Boost PNG

15 MPH

maximum speed to propel yourself through your ride.

~ 40 MILES

of battery to get you around Metro Detroit!

Enjoy a smooth, fun, and easier ride across longer distances, up hills, and against headwinds!


MoGo Boost e-bikes feature intuitive technology that detects the amount of electric boost each rider needs while pedaling and adjusts accordingly to deliver a smooth, easy riding experience. With a maximum speed of 15 mph, MoGo Boost e-bikes allow riders to cover more ground with the same amount of effort!


MoGo Boost e-bikes are fully interchangeable with MoGo’s current system of 620 bikes and 75 stations and are painted jet black to make them easy for riders to distinguish. Riders can take a MoGo Boost e-bike from any station and return it to any station within the system.  As a reminder to riders, all MoGo bikes must be checked out and returned to any one of the stations in the system.


E-bikes offer several benefits: attracting a wider range of riders, such as older adults, compared to traditional bikes and encourage healthy, active lifestyles. E-bikes are also used for longer trips than traditional bike share bikes. According to PeopleforBikes, the average e-bike share ride is three miles compared with traditional bike share, which is 1.9 miles.

Riders can find stations with ⚡Boost bikes and rent them

by using the Transit app, which is free to download on the Apple or Android platforms.