5 Reasons To Ride MoGo


This is why you should ride MoGo

Have you seen the iconic reddish-orange bikes around Detroit? Those are from MoGo, Detroit’s bike share system.  MoGo has over 40 stations with 400+ bikes available to the public. There are plenty of reasons to ride MoGo but we narrowed it down to just five. With MoGo you can explore the city at your own pace, take a ride from your parking lot to work or just get out for some exercise. If you’re looking for fun, healthy, inexpensive, and  reliable transportation, MoGo is here for you.


MoGo works with the Transit app to create a better, healthier, and safer routine to travel around Detroit.

Cost Effective

People are always looking for the best deal or a way to save money. MoGo is a cost-effective substitute for driving around Detroit City. At only $8 for a Daily Pass, which gets you unlimited 30 minute rides for 24 hours, MoGo is a cost-effective way to get around the city. We have plenty of pass options for everyone.

No Waiting In Traffic

Nobody likes sitting in traffic, especially when you’re downtown. It is so much better to be riding along while looking at the sights instead of sitting in traffic. MoGo gives you the chance to stop somewhere; take a picture or enjoy the view at anytime. You can’t do that while stuck in traffic!

No Parking Fees

$20, $30, $40, and sometimes $50 is what you might have to pay to park in Downtown Detroit. Skip that dent in your wallet and MoGo to Downtown Detroit from one of our many stations outside of downtown. Ride in and park your MoGo at any station and enjoy the city. When you’re ready to leave, get a MoGo and bike back to your car.

Perfect For Short Rides

Instead of grabbing your car from the structure, paying ride fare plus tip, or paying for parking, grab a MoGo and take your short ride. You’ll be surprised how quickly you can reach your destination!

Healthy Exercise

If none of the last four reasons isn’t enough for you to ride MoGo, then do it for your health! A 30-minute bike ride burns off around 400 calories. Get to your destination feeling better and refreshed! See how many calories people have burned riding MoGo.

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