Coffee Break: The Past, Present & Future Of MoGo


The Past, Present & Future Of MoGo

Executive Director Lisa Nuszkowski took time out of her busy schedule to have a coffee break with John Prost of Detroit’s The War Memorial. The two sat down in the MoGo warehouse to talk about how MoGo started, what is has accomplished and what the future holds. Lisa goes in-depth about how her idea for a Detroit bike share company started at Wayne State. She talks about the ups and downs on what it’s like running a non-profit organization that provides a unique way of transportation. Take some time today to listen and learn about insights of the Detroit bike share company MoGo.


If you are interested in bike share or want to learn more, check out our How It Works page and our Pricing page. You can also contact us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We will gladly help you learn, ride and enjoy MoGo to the fullest.

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