Employee Spotlight: Rory Lincoln


This feature is part of our series displaying the phenomenal people who work behind the scenes at MoGo!


How long have you been working at MoGo and what do you do?

Since February of 2017. I started as the Program & Access Manager and now am the Director of Programming & Operations. As you might gather from the title, my job is really split up into two parts: (1) managing our equity and accessibility MoGo for All programming and (2) working closely with our operations partner Shift Transit to ensure that the system is working the way it needs to.


What is your favorite thing about MoGo?

  • Of the service itself: probably the on-demand convenience. It’s always around whenever you need it. We take a lot of pride in making sure that working bikes and docking points are always available at all of our stations and that it is quick and easy to get a bike and get going.
  • Of what we do: it would have to be the impact that we’ve had in ways that I wouldn’t have expected when I first started in 2017. I’ve signed dozens of people up for our $5 annual Access pass. Many of these people have been folks who don’t have many options when it comes to transit or healthy recreational options. They’ve always been grateful for our ability to offer a pass for $5 for the year. We also get a lot of great feedback about our street skills classes. Myself and one other instructor have taught nearly 200 people how to ride a bike and/or ride a bike safely. I’ve been a bike commuter for a while, but previously didn’t think of myself as someone who had knowledge to share when it comes to safe cycling practices.


What do you want people to know about MoGo, and what makes MoGo unique?

I think the casual MoGo user probably assumes MoGo is a large corporate entity that maybe isn’t concerned with who its users are or what those users think about our service. On the contrary, we’re a small group of hard-working people who put a ton of effort into making sure that this is something for all folks living and working in the cities that we serve.


What do you think MoGo’s greatest accomplishment has been?

There are a number of them that are up there for me: our launch event in 2017 was a rush and a great community event, hitting 100,000 rides in 4.5 months was so unexpected and exciting, and surpassing 20 percent of our annual pass subscriptions being Access pass users was a big goal that we were aiming for and reached last year.


How has MoGo changed your experience in Detroit or our other service areas?

I had never been to the cities in MoGo north nearly as often as I have since we expanded on June 4, 2020.


Rapid fire:


  • Favorite station? Vernor & Scotten
  • Iconic or Boost? Iconic, because standard pedal bikes need some love too.
  • If you could put a station anywhere today, where would you put it? I’m pretty lucky in that I have stations close to my home and my work, so if I had to choose, in the spirit of democratic processes, I would defer to the location with the most suggestions in our Suggest a Station map.




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