MoGo For All: $5 Access Pass


Since MoGo launched in 2017, the ‘MoGo For All’ motto has been incredibly important to us. In a constant effort to make MoGo as equitable, accessible, and inclusive as possible, we’ve created a number of programs, including Adaptive MoGo, Pay With Cash, Street Skills, and the Access Pass.


Each of these programs has had a different type of impact in the Metro Detroit community, though the Access Pass has seen the highest usage; 28% of current MoGo members are Access Pass holders!


The Access Pass is a $5 Annual Pass that is only accessible to registered members of certain state benefits programs (see the full list and sign up). In every way other than the cost, the Access Pass functions like the Annual Pass; it’s simply meant to be more affordable for those who need it to be.


The pictures simplify it: ‘Got a Bridge Card? Get an Access Pass!’


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve remained dedicated to providing bike-share as an accessible, open-air transit option for essential workers and others, and the Access Pass has played a large role in that. 


As this article indicates, a number of bike-share programs across the country remain inaccessible to low-income members of the community. MoGo is proud to be a leader in this area, and proud to provide safe, equitable transit during these unprecedented times.


If you have questions about whether or not you’re qualified for an Access Pass, call or email us anytime!


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