Station Spotlight: 9 Mile and Woodward


Looking for a night on the town? You’re in luck! We’ve got a station right near the center of Downtown Ferndale, on the southwest corner of Woodward and 9 Mile.


Of the dozens of things to do along the strip, here’s just a few:


Stop at Como’s for a bite to eat and a drink on the patio.


Try Detroit Bubble Tea, especially if you’ve never had bubble tea before. You won’t regret it!


Head across the street from the station to Rust Belt Market and see over 40 independently owned and operated small businesses including artists, vintage, and designers sharing their best work.


Java Hutt is right down the street and is full of hot drinks, cold drinks, savory sandwiches, and sweet pastries.


You can also stop by the Downtown Ferndale Bike Shop, one of our Rider Perks partners! Show your MoGo receipt, card, or key fob, and get 15% off any Downtown Detroit Bike Shop accessories!


We know what you’re thinking, and yes, we did only scratch the surface of what the 9 Mile and Woodward station (and Downtown Ferndale) have to offer. The best way to explore the rest? Go for a ride!



Curious about the businesses mentioned above? Click on their names below to learn more!

Como’sDetroit Bubble TeaRust Belt MarketJava HuttDowntown Ferndale Bike Shop


Keep your eye on social media and our Rider Perks page to stay updated on businesses added as partners. You may find some of these up there soon!


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