Station Spotlight: Main and Gardenia


You already know that downtown Royal Oak is a great place to ride a MoGo, but did you know that there are MoGo stations outside of the downtown core? If you didn’t, try this one first: the Main and Gardenia station.


The Main and Gardenia station is a great starting point for a ride, especially for those who choose to park and ride. By parking near and starting at the Main and Gardenia station, you’ll be giving yourself more distance to ride (better cardio), and you’ll likely have an easier time finding a parking spot than downtown (but we can’t guarantee it).


Across the street from the station is Bread by Crispelli’s, which has an incredible assortment of bread and pastries. If you love eating at Crispelli’s restaurants, you’ll love this place – it’s basically where the process begins for all doughs and breads.


Next to the station is also Royal Pup Parlor, a dog groomer, where your pet is treated like royalty!


If you’re looking to play some pool, sing karaoke, or just want some good eats, try The Inn Place Bar and Grill, which is about a block away from the station!


All this, and you haven’t even started your ride yet. Once you head south on Main, there’s no telling what you’ll find. Take a ride through Royal Oak today!



Curious about the businesses mentioned above? Click on their names below to learn more!

Bread by Crispelli’sRoyal Pup ParlorThe Inn Place Bar and Grill


Keep your eye on social media and our Rider Perks page to stay updated on businesses added as partners. You may find some of these up there soon!


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