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MoGo's Corporate & Community Pass program allows businesses and organizations of all sizes to provide a healthy benefit for employees, members, or students. MoGo is a great way to promote health & wellness, attract & retain talent looking for a variety of transportation options, and provide a convenient first- and last-mile alternative!


The Corporate & Community Pass program provides a 25% percent discount on Annual and Monthly Passes. Select an option below to enroll today! Don't see what you're looking for? Send an email with your needs to and we'll create a custom plan for you. 

Monthly Pass


$20 $15


Great for seasonal or temporary MoGo rides!


Annual Pass


$90 $67.50


Great for full-time employees, providing unlimited trips up to one hour in duration for the full year

Employee Feedback

"I usually have a break from work during the middle of the day, so if I want to get a workout in, it's really convenient for me to hop on a MoGo bike. Also, if I have errands to run, I can do those on a MoGo too!"


- Partner Employee

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"In my opinion, there's nothing more freeing and relaxing than getting on a bike and just riding around the city. It helps relax, de-stress, and refocus my day."


- Partner Employee