Corporate and Community Pass Program


Want to provide a convenient, affordable, and healthy benefit for your employees or members? MoGo is the option for you!

CHOOSE your Level

The Corporate and Community Pass is an Annual Pass in which users can enjoy unlimited trips of 30 minutes or less without overage fees

Level Company Contribution Employee/Member Contribution
1st Gear $60 per user; 100+ passes $0
2nd Gear $60 per user $0 plus overage fees
3rd Gear $30 per user $30 plus overage fees
4th Gear $100 one-time fee, $0 per user $70 plus overage fees
how it works
  1. Enroll

Complete the online enrollment form, sign a contract, and indicate your participation level.


  1. Spread the Word

We’ll provide marketing materials for you to share this new benefit with your employees or members. MoGo will also share your participation on our website.


  1. Sign Up

MoGo will create unique codes for you to share with your employees or members. Each user will redeem their code at and manage their personal account.


  1. Pay the Bill

Depending on your participation level, you’ll receive either:

  • One invoice per year for the number of annual passes purchased.
  • One invoice per month reflecting an amount for the number of new users enrolled and any overage fees (if applicable).
Daily Passes in Bulk

Looking for a short-term perk for employees, members, volunteers, or out-of-town guests? We also offer discounted rates on bulk purchases of the MoGo Daily Pass.

Email us at to place your order today!

Number of Passes Price Per Pass
0 – 50 $8.00
51 – 100 $7.00
101 – 300 $6.00
301 – 500 $5.00
501 – 1,000 $4.50
1,000+ $4.00