Corporate and Community Pass Program


The Corporate & Community Pass program allows businesses and organizations of all sizes to provide a healthy benefit for employees, members, or students. MoGo is a great way to promote health & wellness, attract & retain talent looking for a variety of transportation options, and provide a convenient first- and last-mile alternative!

CHOOSE your Level

All Corporate & Community Pass partners receive a $20 discount on Annual Passes. Get the wheels turning on a program for your organization by choosing from one of the four gears below. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact so we can create a plan that works for you!

In addition to discounted annual passes, you'll also receive monthly reports showing your organization's total number of rides taken. At the end of the year, MoGo provides a more detailed report showing your organization's miles traveled and environmental impact as a result of using MoGo.

Our Partners

"I usually have a break from work during the middle of the day, so if I want to get a workout in, it's really convenient for me to hop on a MoGo bike. Also, if I have errands to run, I can do those on a MoGo too!"


- Detroit Vegan Soul Employee

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"In my opinion, there's nothing more freeing and relaxing than getting on a bike and just riding around the city. It helps relax, de-stress, and refocus my day."


- DTE Employee

Daily Passes in Bulk

Looking for a short-term perk for employees, members, volunteers, or out-of-town guests? MoGo also offer discounted rates on bulk purchases of the $8 Daily Pass. Email to place your order today!

Number of Passes Price Per Pass
0 – 50 $8.00
51 – 100 $7.00
101 – 300 $6.00
301 – 500 $5.00
501 – 1,000 $4.50
1,000+ $4.00
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