Featured Rider: Kevin and Kristie

How long have you been using MoGo?

We have been using MoGo bikes ever since they launched in Detroit.


Why do you use MoGo?

We enjoy biking around town, and MoGo allows us to visit various parts of town without having to worry about where we will park our bikes.


What are the biggest benefits MoGo has provided?

It’s great that MoGo allows for one-way trips, so someone can ride to work or to the store, park, then take an Uber or bus back if the weather gets bad.


How did you commute before using MoGo?

Before marrying Kristie last October and moving to Madison Heights, Kevin lived in West Village and enjoyed public transportation, cycling, and car share programs such as Zipcar.


How has MoGo changed your experience in Detroit or our other service areas? 

Cycling allows you to experience and see so many things that you miss when you travel by car. Detroiters are always so friendly to cyclists, returning a wave and ‘hello’ when you ride by.


Where would you like a new station?

I’d love to see you build a station at the corner of Campbell and 12 Mile Road in Madison Heights. Placing stations around industrial parks like the one on Oak Park Blvd would allow more people to bike to work without worrying about where to store their bikes during their shift.


Anything else?

Thanks for the feature!

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