How It Works

Get Around Detroit on Two Wheels

MoGo is a nonprofit bike share system with 620 bikes at 75 stations across six Metro Detroit cities. Designed for quick trips around town, MoGo is a fun, flexible, and convenient way to get around.

  • get a pass

Purchase a pass online, with the Transit App, or at any one of our stations. Cash payment and flexible payment options are available.

  • get a bike

Pick up a bike at any one of our stations. Take as many short rides as you want while your pass is active.

  • GET it back

Bikes must be returned to any station. Slide the bike firmly into an empty dock, and wait for the green light to make sure it’s locked.

  • Ride Again

Find a new station and ride again!


MoGo is for Everyone


Are you a resident looking for more fun, flexibility and convenience in your daily travels? Or perhaps you ride transit and want better connections for the beginning or end of your trip. Ever find yourself needing to run an errand or head to a meeting, but are tired of searching for parking? Maybe you’re a student who needs to get around campus more cheaply and efficiently. You might even be visiting the city and looking for an enjoyable way to experience more of Detroit.


MoGo is designed to serve a wide variety of users and trips around town. With 620 bikes at 75 stations, MoGo gives you the freedom and flexibility to move around at prices that everyone can afford. Find the right pass option for your next trip!



save money

There is an affordable range of Pass options for all types of riders and needs. With MoGo, there are no parking tickets or insurance costs - we have you covered!

save time

Riding MoGo is a quick and easy way to get where you need to go. With 75 stations in 6 cities, it’s more convenient than using your own bike.

have fun
Have Fun!

Enjoy getting where you need to go on two wheels. Riding MoGo is great exercise and can reduce stress and improve your health

go green

Riding MoGo reduces carbon emissions and helps keep pollutants out of the air, making Detroit healthier - and happier!

Ready to get Started?

With 75 stations and 620 bikes, MoGo is the easiest way get around and explore.