Detroit's west side boasts some of the most vibrant, historic neighborhoods in the city. One of the best ways to experience their beauty is on foot or by bicycle.

West Side

MoGo to Mexicantown

Start: W. Vernor Hwy & Scotten Ave. station

End: 23rd St. & Bagley Ave. station


Directions - Ride east in the Vernor bike lane to 23rd St. and then go south into the heart of Mexicantown.

Nearby Attractions - Clark Park, the Bagley Pedestrian Bridge, and the great restaurants & businesses along the W. Vernor commercial corridor.


Southwest Entertainment

Start: 23rd St. & Bagley Ave. station

End: 20th St. & Bagley Ave. station


Directions - Ride east over the Bagley Pedestrian Bridge and stop at the MoGo station at 20th St.

Nearby Attractions - Matrix Theatre, Ford Resource & Engagement Center.


Crossover to Corktown

Start: 20th St. & Bagley Ave. station

End: Wabash St. & Michigan Ave. station


Directions - Ride north to W. Vernor Hwy and then go east passing by the historic Michigan Central Station and into Corktown. Turn east on Michigan Ave and park at the station on Wabash.

Nearby Attractions - Michigan Central Station, restaurants & businesses of Corktown.