Safety Tips

It’s important to practice safe and defensive cycling while riding MoGo through the streets of Detroit. All new MoGo pass holders will receive this safety booklet along with their MoGo key. If you are ever involved in an accident or have a problem with your bike during a trip, please call MoGo Customer Service at 1-888-MoGo-123. To ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, please take the following precautions:

Wear a Helmet


MoGo doesn’t provide helmets, but we strongly encourage all of our users to wear one. We’ve partnered with several Detroit bike retailers so MoGo users can purchase helmets and other accessories at discounted prices. Click here for a list of participating retailers and their discounts.

Check Your Bike Before You Ride


Before getting on a bike, perform an ABC Quick Check. That’s A for Air, B for Brakes, and C for Chain, Cranks, and Cassette. Tires should be firm meaning you shouldn’t be able to pinch the tire with your finger nor should the tire compress when you sit on the seat. You shouldn’t be able to pull or push the bike with both brakes engaged. Finally, check to make sure the chain is taut, rust free, and free of debris. Wriggle the pedals to make sure they are secure. If you notice a problem, please push the “Wrench” button on the handlebars and choose another bike.

Use Bike Lanes Where Possible


The City of Detroit has more than 200 miles of bike friendly infrastructure. We encourage all MoGo users to stick to these routes as often as possible. If you’re unsure where this infrastructure is, please refer to our MoGo System Map and make sure to select "Bike Friendly Routes."

Keep to the Right


Always ride with the flow of traffic, not against it.

Obey Traffic Signals, Intersections, Crosswalks, and Yield to Pedestrians


Defensive cycling is the best way to keep yourself safe on a bike. This means the rider always obeys traffic signals, stops at intersections, uses crosswalks (where available), and yields to pedestrians.

Please, Watch the Rails


Avoid Woodward Avenue between Bethune (North End) and Congress (Downtown) as much as possible. Use parallel streets such as Cass, Second or Third on the West side or John R. and Brush Street on the East side. If you have to cross the rails, please do so at a crosswalk and at a 90-degree angle to the rail line.

Refer to Your Handlebars


Forget what you’re supposed to do in a certain situation? Check the stem between your handlebars for some quick tips on how to stay safe on your bike.

No Phones


Even if you have a Bluetooth device or headphones, please don’t call, text or use your phone while riding. Please study your route beforehand or stop when using GPS.

Group Rides


When participating in a group ride, always ride single file or two abreast. Also, be sure to use hand signals when possible..