Neighborhood Ambassadors


MoGo’s team of ambassadors is made up of community leaders in Detroit and the 2019 expansion area, including Northwest Detroit, Ferndale, Oak Park, Huntington Woods, Berkley, and Royal Oak. Ambassadors will be attending and creating events designed to help spread the word about bike share through group rides, community meetings, events, station info sessions, sign up events, one-on-one interactions, and much more.


If you'd like to promote MoGo or have an event in your area, please contact one of our ambassadors at

america 1

America Ali Yahya
Southwest Detroit


America Yahya is a community activist and student at Wayne State University. As a returning ambassador, America hopes to get people and organizations she's involved with more active in MoGo, including 482 Forward, Clean Air Council, Wayne State students, and the women in her community. One of her favorites things about MoGo is the adaptive program.


America is the youngest of nine siblings and learned to ride a bicycle when she was 8 years old. However, like many of those that go through MoGo's Biking 101 class, she didn't start with training wheels!

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Christina Debose


Christina Debose wanted to be part of the MoGo Ambassador program to create awareness around alternative transportation. She particularly appreciates the convenience of bike share and is excited to share that with her neighbors in Berkley.


This summer, Christina hopes to use her position as an ambassador to create a bike group. While she currently resides in Berkley, Christina is also building a tiny home.

Danielle Fracassa

Danielle Fracassa
Oak Park


Danielle Fracassa moved to Oak Park nine years ago to live in a place that is more bike and pedestrian friendly. While she says Oak Park is a great place to live, she'd love to see more young people moving in. Danielle believes adding more alternative transportation options like MoGo will go a long way to attracting new residents. Danielle particularly enjoys the social aspect of being on a bicycle.


When she's not biking, Danielle loves to travel. She says the only sport she's good at is kayaking. She's also the head of a the Detroit chapter of Girls Pint Out, a community of women who love craft beer.

Deanne copy

Deanne Austin
Martin Park, Northwest Detroit


Deanne Austin has lived in the Martin Park neighborhood for her entire life and is excited to bring MoGo to more Detroiters! As a woman of color, Deanne particularly appreciates the MoGo For All mantra and its focus on building inclusive mobility.


As a staunch supporter of public transit, Deanne is eager to spread the message of MoGo and alternative transportation in her neighborhood.


Eugene Cole
New Center


Eugene Cole is a returning ambassador who will be representing several communities just north of the Boulevard such as Virginia Park, New Center, and the North End. Eugene loves making people aware of bike share and all the affordable, convenient benefits that it has to offer. This summer, he hopes to not only get more people riding a bike, but to help connect people who live in areas that are not directly served by a MoGo station.


Another one of the things Eugene loves about MoGo and bike riding in general is the fact that not only is it fun, but it will help foster a more sustainable environment.

image - Jeremy

Jeremy Rosenberg
Wayne State University & Woodbridge


Now heading into his third year at Wayne State, Jeremy Rosenberg has been a MoGo user since his Freshman year. Jeremy is hoping his efforts as an ambassador will get more students and faculty out of their car and on to a bicycle. He lives in Woodbridge and loves using MoGo for his commute to and from campus. As an added bonus, he never has to worry about bike maintenance or theft.


When Jeremy isn't studying or riding a bike, you might find him at Comerica Park. He has a second job as a Detroit Tigers ballboy.


John Rodwan
University District, Northwest Detroit


John Rodwan believes MoGo is going to be a great benefit for residents and businesses in University District and Northwest Detroit. As an avid bicyclist, John believes not all trips should require a car and thinks MoGo will help make bicycling a more viable option for his community.


John hopes to promote MoGo as a way of navigating parts of the Live6 area and nearby suburbs. He also hopes MoGo will help more University of Detroit Mercy students explore the area surrounding campus.


In addition to riding a bike, John also rides a Vespa-like motorized scooter.

Mandisa Smith

Mandisa Smith
University District, Northwest Detroit


Mandisa Smith became a MoGo Ambassador because she wants to contribute to a healthier eco-system in her neighborhood and Detroit as a whole. She sees a variety of benefits to MoGo including convenience, improved physical and mental health, and pollution reduction. In addition to riding more herself, Mandisa is looking forward to educating new MoGo users on safe biking practices.


Mandisa is a lifelong Detroiter, a 32-year resident of University District, a wife and mother of three, an artist, and a business owner. She has also lived in southern Africa.


Shawn Thornton


Shawn Thornton is a Ferndale resident and business owner who is passionate about being active in his community. As the city continues to improve its bikeability, Shawn believes MoGo will provide a healthy alternative to driving and another way for people to enjoy the sights, sounds, and culture that the city has to offer. He also sees it as a great alternative to limited and expensive parking costs.


As an ambassador, Shawn plans to do all he can to get the word out about the benefits of bike sharing in the expansion area.


Tatiana Wheeler
Oak Park


Tatiana joins the MoGo team in hopes of being an advocate for change and helping people in Oak Park lead healthier lifestyles. As MoGo moves north, Tatiana is looking forward to making others aware of the convenience and flexibility of two-wheeled transportation.


Tatiana is a proud wife and mother to three kids ages 13, five, and three months.


Timothy Bell
Corktown, Southwest Detroit


Timothy Bell (aka Hashous Clay) is the Founder of the Night Owl Riders, one of Detroit's bike clubs. Tim has led rides of 10-100 people through Downtown, Midtown, Corktown and Southwest Detroit. He originally became interested in riding for health reasons after suffering a heart attack and a stroke. Now, in addition to the physical benefits, Tim also advocates biking for happiness and mental health. His goal is to see as many people as possible getting healthy while having a good time on bikes.


This summer, Tim hopes to lead the most diverse bike ride as a MoGo ambassador introducing new people to the world of Detroit bike life.


Trish Hubbell
Lafayette Park


Trish Hubbell is a lifelong Detroiter who has been using a bicycle as a mode of transportation for years. She started cycling to work in the 1980's when most people considered it unusual. Now, she's happy that more people see biking as a great way to start and end the work day. As a resident of Lafayette Park, Trish is excited to share MoGo information with her friends, neighbors and others.


Trish believes cycling is an excellent way to get around town, so naturally one of her favorite things about MoGo is that it serves as an option for those who don't own cars. She is especially passionate about the Access Pass, a $5 annual pass option for anyone who receives state benefits.