MoGo members can pay for their monthly, annual, or access passes with cash using CashApp. Read below to learn how to set up your CashApp account and pay for your pass. Don't have access to a smartphone? Call (888) MoGo-123 or email for help.


Step 1: Create a CashApp Account


Download CashApp on your smartphone or go to on any web browser to create an account. You'll be prompted to enter personal information (phone or email, and zip code) and create a $Cashtag. We'll use this to identify your payments and send invoices.


NOTE: CashApp can be used with or without linking a bank account.


Step 2: Load Cash


Adding cash to your CashApp account is easy. Here are a few ways to do it:


  • Link a bank account
  • Request a free CashApp card - When the card arrives, take it to any CVS, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Walmart, or Dollar General to load cash. The CashApp card can only be used to load cash. It cannot be used to make purchases at any MoGo kiosk/station.
  • Set up a direct deposit

Step 3: Register for MoGo


Start the registration process via the link below! In the 'Payment Information' section, select "Pay with Cash." Then, in the drop down, enter your $Cashtag. The MoGo team will send an invoice to your $Cashtag for the amount owed. To get notified when the invoice is sent, enable notifications in CashApp. Once the invoice is paid, we'll activate your account and send your MoGo pass!

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