Neighborhood Ambassadors


MoGo’s team of neighborhood ambassadors help spread the word about bike share in Detroit through group rides, community meetings, events, station info sessions, sign up events, one-on-one interactions, and much more.


Stay tuned for more information about MoGo's 2019 ambassador cohort.

america 1

America Yahya
Southwest Detroit


America Yahya is a Wayne State student and community activist in Southwest Detroit. As a MoGo Neighborhood Ambassador, America hopes to show others all the joy that a biking experience can bring. She hopes to reach as many people as possible during her ambassadorship, especially the city's youth.


America learned to ride a bicycle when she was 8 years old. However, like many of those that go through MoGo's Biking 101 class, she didn't start with training wheels!

Amina Daniels

Amina Daniels
West Village


Amina Daniels is a cycling enthusiast who founded a community fitness studio in the West Village called Live Cycle Delight. She loves the West Village’s walkability and character, but her favorite place in the city is East Jefferson, just south of E. Jefferson Ave near the canals.


Amina also leads a bike ride out of Capitol Park in Downtown Detroit. As a MoGo Ambassador, Amina hopes to share the joys of commuting and empowerment through bike share.


Christina Guzman
Southwest Detroit


Christina Guzman is a lifelong Detroiter who has been doing community outreach and organizing in Southwest Detroit for several years. She believes MoGo is a great alternative form of transportation that can help Detroiters get to places of employment. 


This is Christina's second summer as a MoGo ambassador after not riding a bicycle for nearly 35 years! This summer, Christina hopes to get the word out about MoGo, including bike safety practices and more, to youth in Southwest Detroit.


Elizabeth King


Elizabeth King is a lover of transportation alternatives and an advocate for a robust transportation network. She hopes to help people fall in love with bikes in general, as well as using them as a means of transportation.


Elizabeth appreciates that MoGo reduces the need for a car and provides another opportunity for those who may not have access to one. This summer, Elizabeth hopes to visit all the residential buildings in Rivertown to spread the word about MoGo. Last year, Elizabeth logged nearly 300 miles on a bicycle. She hopes to beat that number this year!


Erica Searcy
Corktown & Southwest Detroit


Erica Searcy is a new Detroit resident who is passionate about the city, its residents, and biking in general. Erica works closely with Detroit communities every day and is excited about the opportunity to share information about MoGo with city residents. This summer, one of Erica's main goals it to help de-mystify the process of accessing MoGo.


Erica loves to bike around exploring different areas of the city. If you're lucky, you might even catch her singing or dancing while she's out on her next Detroit adventure.




Eugene Cole
New Center


Eugene Cole is a pastor, community partner and leader who resides in the LaSalle Gardens neighborhood. He loves riding MoGo and believes he'll be instrumental in informing and encouraging others to try the system. This summer, Eugene hopes to see more people, who wouldn't ordinarily be riding, participate in bike sharing.


One of the things Eugene loves about MoGo and bike riding is the fact that not only is it fun, but it'll help us create a more sustainable environment. 


Georgea Cole
Adaptive MoGo & New Center


Fondly referred to as "The Friendly MoGo Neighborhood Ambassador," Georgea Cole is one of the leaders and champions of Adaptive MoGo. Since she learned of the Adaptive MoGo program as an ambassador last year, Georgea has been a wonderful advocate for providing cycling options for people of all abilities. This summer, she plans to do whatever she can to spread awareness about this new bike share opportunity!


Georgea loves meeting new people through cycling and helping others find joy in riding also. 



Jamii Tata
North End


Jamii Tata views biking as a fun way to take in the city and connect to people and places in Detroit. He is excited to spread his joy of biking and also encourage others to use MoGo as a mobility option. Jamii's favorite part about MoGo is that it allows you to always have access to wheels in the event your car breaks down, you leave your bicycle at home, or you want to park and ride.


This is Jamii's second year as a neighborhood ambassador. He hopes to highlight those who are using MoGo in the North End as "unofficial" ambassadors of bike share. In addition to being a MoGo ambassador, Jamii is an avid gardener, literacy educator, and bookstore owner. He's also the proud owner of a beautiful electric bicycle.



Janine Nicole Ann
Downtown Detroit & Rivertown


Janine fell in love with cycling in Detroit back in 2012 and has been participating in and volunteering for various group rides in the city ever since. You can find Janine every Monday fixing bikes as a Slow Roll volunteer or at Clark Park watching Detroit Bike Polo. As for MoGo, Janine loves the way that it connects communities and is inclusive of all backgrounds.


As a neighborhood ambassador for MoGo, Janine hopes to educate the community about proper bike lane use and street skills. She hopes to showcase some of her favorite routes around the city and help others experience all the great places that a bike can take you.

Kelsey Hubbell

Kelsey Hubbell


Kelsey Hubbell is a native Detroiter who has been riding bikes for as long as she can remember. As a kid, Kelsey used to ride on the back of a tandem bike with her dad. Together, they would ride to Heidelberg or Eastern Market, but while her dad pedaled she would kick back and rest her feet on the crossbar.


Kelsey describes Corktown as a neighborhood with a great mix of old and new, and young and old. Though it is changing quickly, Kelsey loves Corktown’s beauty and walkability. She also has a soft spot for Southwest Detroit because it is such a vibrant community. Kelsey says she loves how the neighborhood has stood strong through the highs and lows of Detroit’s history.

Melvin Henley

Melvin “Vinny” Henley
New Center


After spending time in Iowa, the United Kingdom, and New Jersey, Vinny has put down roots living, working, and biking in New Center. His passion for arts, culture, community engagement, and cycling advocacy make Vinny a great addition to the MoGo Ambassador team for the second year in a row.


Vinny loves that MoGo is available 24 - 7 - 365 because he enjoys riding through the city in the heart of night when few cars are on the street. But no matter what time of day it is, he hopes he can get others to experience Detroit’s beauty on two wheels.

Sarosh Irani

Sarosh Irani
Wayne State University & Midtown


Sarosh Irani returns for a second year as a MoGo Neighborhood Ambassador to Midtown and the Wayne State University community. Sarosh appreciates how fun and convenient MoGo is for getting around the city. This year, his focus is to show potential riders all the different ways that MoGo can be useful.


Sarosh believes the Midtown area has the perfect blend of people with plenty to see and do. His favorite spots in the city are the Skillman branch of the Detroit Public Library and Gabriel Richard Park near Belle Isle.


Trish Hubbell
Lafayette Park


Trish Hubbell is a lifelong Detroiter who has been using a bicycle as a mode of transportation for years. She started cycling to work in the 1980's when most people considered it unusual. Today she's happy that more people see biking as a great way to start and end the work day. As a resident of Lafayette Park, Trish is excited to share MoGo information with her friends, neighbors and others. 


Trish belives cycling is an excellent way to get around town, so naturally one of her favorite things about MoGo is that it serves as an option for those who don't own cars. She is especially passionate about the Access Pass, a $5 annual pass option for anyone who receives state benefits.


Tyra Wright
New Center


Tyra Wright has worked as an Administrative Law Judge in New Center for the last 10 years. As a resident of Jefferson Chalmers, Tyra often bikes the nearly 20-mile round trip commute to work on a nice summer day. This summer, Tyra hopes to persuade more people to give MoGo a try. She believes that even one ride will open people up to the fun, convenience, and cost-effectiveness of bike transportation.


Tyra’s favorite memory on a bike was when her big brother taught her how to ride without training wheels. She remembers her mom standing on their porch screaming, “don’t push her that fast!” Tyra says it was the most fun she ever had scraping the skin off her knees and elbows.