MoGo Street Skills

Made possible by General Motors, MoGo Street Skills is a series of two-hour classes designed to help you feel safer and more confident on a bicycle. We have a Biking 101 course for those who have not been on a bike before or haven’t done so in several years. We also have a Confident City Cycling class for those with experience on a bike, but may not feel comfortable riding in an urban environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, beginner or experienced, MoGo Street Skills classes offer something for everyone.


Our goal is to educate and empower Detroiters that want to use a bicycle as a mode of transportation. You don’t need a MoGo pass to participate. All classes are free and run by a certified instructor of the League of American Bicyclists.


In 2017, we held eight classes at three locations around the City of Detroit. If you’d like to participate in future classes, please join our mailing list to stay updated on MoGo news. In the meantime, click here for general safety tips and how you can get discounts on helmets at local retailers. You can also watch our series of MoGo Street Skills instructional videos on our YouTube page.


Stay tuned for our 2018 Street Skills Class schedule!

“All the instructors were exceedingly helpful and encouraging. They took time to work with all the participants as well as allowing us time to work independently. They did a fantastic job!”

“I am eager to join the bike riders of Detroit. Thank you for offering this to adults! There never seems to be much programming for adults, anywhere, so this opportunity was surprising and life changing. Thank you! Please continue funding this project.”

“I wouldn't change it. Really appreciated the free helmet from GM also!”

“The class exceeded my expectations and helped ease us into being comfortable on the road. Instructor was attentive to the needs of each participant. It was a very enjoyable experience and I know that I will take the time to seek more biking opportunities in the future.”

“Wonderful. I enjoyed it a lot”

“My overall experience was fantastic! Rory and the team are very encouraging and knowledgeable. I am so happy a back-to-basics session like this exists, and I cannot thank you enough for putting it on!

“Very helpful and positive experience. Instructors and helpers were knowledgeable, supportive and friendly. I learned a great deal and am a lot more comfortable with riding on the streets.”

“I loved it! The team was so helpful and gave a lot of encouragement. You could tell they were excited to be there on Saturday. They were into it. I had a fun time!!”

“This is a much-needed course in the city of Detroit. In a place where bicycle culture is exploding, this organization is helping to promote safe riding. I think it would be very helpful if this was brought to more children.”

“The class was great! I have a fair amount of experience riding for commuting and leisure, but even I was able to get some value out of the course.”

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