Featured Rider: Alven Sharp


How long have you been using MoGo?

I first heard about MoGo in 2017 when I was working security at the Riverwalk and we were briefed on how the city would be getting these new bikes placed all over downtown.


Why do you use MoGo?

I use MoGo for recreation, staying in shape, or just riding with my grandma or my girlfriend.


What are the biggest benefits MoGo has provided?

MoGo benefits the City of Detroit by adding value to our recreation scene!


How has MoGo changed your experience in Detroit or our other service areas?

MoGo has improved my quality of life, and I don’t say that just to say it. MoGo motivated me to stay fit and helps me be social with other Detroiters who share similar interest in MoGo!


Where would you like a new station?

Anywhere where there isn’t one already!


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