Featured Rider: Idrees Mutahr

How long have you been using MoGo?

I’ve only been a member of Mogo since August, though I was at the launch ride in 2017 and have used the bikes a handful of other times.


Why do you use MoGo?

I use MoGo to commute to and from work sometimes, to make quick runs to lunch or nearby meetings, or pretty much anytime I’m near a station and it will get me where I need to go.


What are the biggest benefits MoGo has provided?

I love the new “Boost” ebikes! They make it so much more convenient to commute to work without having to bring a change of clothes or shower. I also don’t think that it would be a stretch to say that it is probably one of the fastest, most convenient ways to get places around downtown.


How did you commute before using MoGo?

Before this I primarily used the Woodward, Dexter, or Hamilton Ddot buses to get to work downtown from New Center. I’ve also biked to work a handful of times this summer, and sometimes use scooters and ride hailing services to fill in some of the gaps in our transit system.


What would you improve about MoGo?

I would love it if there were more MoGo stations in more places or if you could have the option to leave your bike at your destination rather than at a station, similar to what Portland does with Biketown bike share. It would also be great if Mogo were integrated into the regional transit fare card system so that I wouldn’t have to pay another fee on top of my monthly transit pass.


How has MoGo changed your experience in Detroit?

I was in Seattle last May and had a ton of fun riding the dockless ebikes out there. They also made getting around and exploring the city very easy, and I love having that option here now.


Where would you like a new station?

I think if there were a couple Mogo stations on Belle Isle, it would fill a gap in accessing the island that isn’t being met by any other modes at the moment. The Conant bus is infrequent and ends at the conservatory, scooters aren’t allowed on the island, and parking/traffic can be a real problem.


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