Featured Rider: Josh Pope

How long have you been using MoGo?
Ever since I moved to Detroit in June 2017, so almost as long as it has been around.


Why do you use MoGo?
Mobility. It makes transportation super easy for me and I love being able to take one-way trips if I need to. Also, it’s kinda cool that bikes don’t release any emissions or whatever.


What are the biggest benefits MoGo has provided?
Being able to bike to Eastern Market (or anywhere else) and dumping a MoGo at the docking station and not worrying about it makes the time so much more enjoyable.


How did you commute before using MoGo?
I was in school before I moved to Detroit, so I mostly just walked to all of my classes and drove if anything was off campus.


What would you improve about MoGo?
Maybe community involvement? It would be cool if MoGo hosted member parties where we can all hang out and mingle and then maybe hit the streets for a ride.


How has MoGo changed your experience in Detroit?
MoGo makes it very easy for me to experience and take in the city. I can go on a run through the Dequindre Cut and end at the Riverfront, grab a MoGo and bike back home.


Where would you like a new station?


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