Featured Rider: Medvis Jackson


How long have you been using MoGo?

I began using MoGo in 2017 and became an Annual Member in 2018 – three wonderful years!


Why do you use MoGo?

I use MoGo when I take DDOT to work and need to make appointments after work but want to avoid having to take my personal bike downtown on the bus.


What are the biggest benefits MoGo has provided?

MoGo allows me to have additional flexibility in my movement around Detroit’s Downtown and Midtown areas.


How did you commute before using MoGo?

Public bus and personal bike. I still use these means of travel.


How has MoGo changed your experience in Detroit or our other service areas?

MoGo provides important flexibility in a city which is very disconnected and hard to navigate without a car.  


Where would you like a new station?

Warren and Grand River would help connect one of the city’s most popular bus routes with the core of other bus routes, and would make MoGo stations near Cass and Woodward Avenues easily accessible!



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