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The process to register can vary state by state. Some allow you to sign up at the polls while others require advanced registration. Hit the button to learn more and sign up.

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If you voted Absentee, check the status of your ballot here.

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Roll To The Polls With MoGo!

The mobility industry is uniting to help give every voter a say in the final outcome of the 2020 election. MoGo is pleased to help metro Detroiters have their say in this year's election by offering FREE RIDES on Election Day.

Free Ride Day

Here's how to access your free ride on Election Day:

  1. On the Transit app (or any of our kiosks) select the Roll to the Polls pass.



2. Pick up a bike at any one of our MoGo stations. Ride to the station closest to your polling place, dock the bike, and exercise your right to vote!



3. After voting, grab another bike and enjoy the rest of your 1-hour ride time. When you're done, return the bike to any station. Slide the bike firmly into an empty dock, and wait for the green light to make sure it’s locked.



Use MoGo to access ballot drop-off locations in metro Detroit.

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OakParkPrecinct Map - 2019-20
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  • * - Lite Station (no touch screen)
  • Bike friendly routes

As you  Roll To The Polls, don’t forget to snap a picture of yourself delivering your ballot, or with your ‘I Voted’ sticker after voting. Post it and tag MoGo, and we’ll send you a special code for a FREE Prepaid Pass!

Hey, metro Detroit! MoGo has you covered, no matter how you’re voting this season. MoGo is providing FREE RIDES on Election Day, for anyone that’s voting in person! If you’re voting absentee, grab a bike at one of our 75 stations to drop off your ballot at one of the drop boxes or drop off locations.