Station Spotlight: 7 Mile and Woodward

The station at 7 Mile and Woodward is one of three MoGo stations in and around Palmer Park. For a great ride that links all three of those stations, check out our MoGo North Parks Tour! The Beginner ride takes you along Woodward and then through Palmer Park, touching each station along the way.


In addition to the park, the 7 Mile and Woodward station is located right where the Palmer Park Farmers Market occurs every Wednesday from 4pm to 7:30pm. The market just got underway, and we’ll be there almost every other week throughout the summer!


If you cross Woodward, you’ll find Dutch Girl Donuts, which has some of the best donuts in town. Dutch Girl is a classic, and their donuts are delicious!


Pillar and Pride also stands on the other side of Woodward, on the north side of 7 Mile. Here, you’ll find great snacks, good looking swag, and much more – check out their Rider Perks page here to see how you can save!


If you circle the park and want to go further, the Avenue of Fashion (and about half a dozen stations) is less than 10 minutes away, and if you’re feeling ambitious, the next station up Woodward is at 9 Mile in Ferndale.


The 7 Mile and Woodward station is a great place to start a ride – wherever you go, ride MoGo!


Curious about the businesses mentioned above? Click on their names below to learn more!

Dutch Girl DonutsPillar and PridePalmer Park Farmers Market


Keep your eye on social media and our Rider Perks page to stay updated on businesses added as partners. You may find some of these up there soon!