Station Spotlight: 9 Mile and Manistee

If you’re riding along 9 Mile through Oak Park, you’re in for a treat. Not only is there a great bike path that runs along the south side of the street; there’s also a MoGo station at 9 Mile and Manistee, right near the east end of the trail!


The 9 Mile and Manistee station stands along a biker’s dream: you’ve got bike lanes on the street to ride on, or you can ride along the bike trail. Where else do you have options like that?! The trail also runs past a few pocket parks, including the trail-head, where you can stop and take in some fresh air.


If you’re looking to take a ride through Oak Park or Ferndale, the 9 Mile and Manistee station is a great place to start. You can head west on 9 Mile to Coolidge, which will connect you to the Oak Park Blvd station, take you further north to Lincoln and Coolidge, or even all the way to Berkley! Heading east, there are three different Ferndale stations within a 10 minute ride. Plus, we’ve got Rider Perks partners within walking distance of 2 of those 3 stations.


Whether you’re looking to shop, visit another city, or experience the smooth ride of a freshly-paved bike path, the 9 Mile and Manistee station is a great place to begin! Get out and ride!



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