Station Spotlight: Earlmont and Coolidge

We’ve already highlighted our station along the 12 Mile stretch of Downtown Berkley. Now, we’ll tell you all about the station that we have along the Coolidge stretch of Downtown Berkley, which is located on the southeast corner of Earlmont and Coolidge.


You’d think that with two downtown corridors, one would heavily outmatch the other; that’s not the case in Berkley, because they’re both fantastic. Within a short walking distance of the Earlmont and Coolidge station, there are great food and retail options to visit. 


Heading south on Coolidge, you’ll first come across Elwin & Co., which serves the best scones in Berkley. If you’re looking for a gourmet experience with real convenience, Elwin & Co. is the perfect place to visit.


Next, you’ll find Mr. J’s Sports Bar & Grill. In addition to their specials on food and drinks, they’re a great source for entertainment. Spend your time playing pool, darts, pinball, and more!


After Mr. J’s, you’ll reach Atomic Dawg and Sugar Kisses, which are across the street from each other. At Atomic Dawg, you’ll find a great assortment of burgers, ‘dawgs’, sides, and drinks, and at Sugar Kisses, you’ll find fantastic Gluten-free pastries made on-site, from scratch!


Just south of Sugar Kisses is June & December, which has gifts, paper products, and themed product lines that are incredibly unique. They even have a gift guide to help you figure out what you should give!


If you’re looking for a more relaxed day or a good book to read, try heading north on Coolidge instead. The Berkley Public Library is just up the street from the Earlmont and Coolidge station, and is another wonderful destination! 


There are tons more, but we encourage you to take a ride along Coolidge and discover what Berkley has to offer for yourself. Before visiting any of these amazing places, be sure to check on their coronavirus-related safety precautions. Some stores may be operating at reduced hours, be available for pick-up only, or not be open at all.


Take a MoGo through Berkley today, and try something new! Happy riding!


Curious about the businesses mentioned above? Click on their names below to learn more!

Elwin & CoMr. J’s Sports Bar & GrillAtomic DawgSugar KissesJune & DecemberBerkley Public Library


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