Station Spotlight: Woodward Heights and Wolcott

While many of our stations are good for starting or ending your ride, the Woodward Heights and Wolcott station in Ferndale is a great stopping point during your ride. Positioned right between a cluster of Royal Oak and Ferndale stations, and with guarded bike lanes along the entire street, this station is a great place to dock your bike and explore!


If you’re looking for good coffee and treats, try heading over to Drifter Coffee. Their menu changes every week, but they always try to have vegan and gluten-friendly options available. 


If you happen to be in need of some facial hair grooming, you’ve stopped at the right station. Detroit Grooming Co. has all of the essentials for beard health and care, and their products are produced with an eye on both quality and the environment.


If you’ve visited both of those, Urbanrest Brewing Company is your next best bet. Stop in for some of their beer, kombucha, cider, mead, wine, or even a charcuterie board (including vegetarian options)! 


When you hop back on your bike, every station in Ferndale is within a 10 minute ride, and you’ll be no more than 10 minutes away from Royal Oak.


So, what’re you waiting for? Hop on a MoGo and head to Woodward Heights and Wolcott! Grab a coffee, a drink, or some beard essentials, and enjoy your ride!


Curious about the businesses mentioned above? Click on their names below to learn more!

Drifter CoffeeDetroit Grooming Co. – Urbanrest Brewing Company


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