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$5 Access Pass

Individuals who are not connected to a bank account can still get a MoGo pass using CashApp. Click here to learn more!

Pay with cash

MoGo offers an Annual Pass for $5 (usually $90) to individuals that receive certain state benefits. Users need their 9-digit case number to sign up for the pass. Click here for more info or here to sign up for the pass.

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More about mogo

What is MoGo? MoGo is Metro Detroit's non-profit bike share organization. With over 650 bikes and 75 stations across 6 cities, MoGo is here to get you where you need to go.


Why MoGo? Whether you're looking to save gas, be healthy, or avoid a crowded bus ride during COVID, MoGo is a positive alternative. Plus, the Access Pass is good for unlimited 60-minute trips for the entire year! Getting your pass now means you'll have it all the way through next summer - you won't have to worry about paying for MoGo for the next 12 months.

Station locations

- Merrick and Trumbull (0.25 miles)

- Grand Blvd and Lincoln at Henry Ford Hospital (0.8 miles)

- Third and Kirby (0.8 miles)

- Second and Burroughs (0.8 miles)

- Second and Grand Blvd (1 mile)

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Don't qualify for the access pass? Click below.